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We have many categories, hundreds of varieties of household,commercial water purifier and drink water machine.

Quality Assurance

We have our own testing machine and advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the water purifiers filteration.


We have a strong team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.


We focus on developing high-quality water purifiers for top-end markets,products are widely exported around the world.

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The production of Domestic & Commercial water filters, water purifiers with Dozen of varieties of household, water purifier.

High Technology

According to market-oriented, we continue to improve the technology, service and new products research and development.


Pure Nature Water

Better tasting water filters minerals out of your water leaving you great tasting water.


Original Ecology Quality

Welcome to cooperate in harmony to create a healthy,pure drinking water in good faith and common development


Rich In Minerals

The water purifiers can extract water directly and make direct drinking water through layer filtration.


Professional Team

We have a strong team,and we can develop and produce Water filters and Purifiers.


Superior Quality

We have our own testing Lab and advanced and complete inspection equipment,ensure the quality.

Company Profile

about Blueraysuv

Blueraysuv Pure Hi Pure has manufactured & supplied a number of Ultraviolet Disinfections Systems Units to several clients in diverse industries. Our System is based on Quartz Technology. Disinfection by UV technology is excellent because it achieves near cent percent water purification without any side effect. It is economical and cost effective safe and convenient. It is used for the effective reduction of organics, commonly referred to as TOC (Total Oxidizable Carbon).

Blueraysuv Pure Hi Pure is a Division of PREM AQUA FILTERATION Masters in UV manufactures since the year 2000. They have earned an excellent reputation of their products & services...Read more